“Feel Fantastic in 3 Simple Steps”

  • Have you ever added something to your life that you know is good for you, but it just doesn't stick?
  • Does 'feeling overwhelmed' stop you from doing more?
  • Do you know what you need/want to add to your life, but just can't find the time?

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Simple Steps

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A note from the author, Jenn Turnham

Have you ever tried to add something important to your life, and it starts off ok, but then the ‘busy-ness’ of life gets in the way and eventually it falls by the wayside.

This book will show you, in 3 simple steps, how to avoid the mistakes that most of us make every day when trying to add something new to our life.

Whether you have ever tried (and failed) a new diet, new exercise regime, online course, meditation practice, or anything else that you have decided you want to do, but then notice it doesn't last because you are too busy, or feel too overwhelmed, this book will help!