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This is totally normal, for HSP-Extroverts, in my experience. In fact, I hated it too, until I realised I was doing it all wrong, and my lazy brain was working against me!

Imagine how amazing it would feel to be living a truly fulfilling life. One that gives you a sense of pride, wonder, and joy at all you have, and continue to achieve. It's time to create a life filled with things that fill YOU up! Create more play in your life! Create more joy!  Create more satisfaction and progress with this simple but effective training......

Get your Shizzle Together teaches you goal setting that WORKS!  That's because I teach you how to work WITH your brain, rather than against it.....

In this training, I will teach you:

- WHY goal setting usually doesn't work and can often be the cause of us moving into overwhelm - that place we all know so well!

- WHAT to do about it.

- HOW to set goals that DO NOT cause overwhelm, and instead help you feel productive, accomplished, in control and loving the life you have created!

Join me for this work at your own pace 1.5 hour mini-training session that includes four (4) parts

Part 1 is an audio recording that covers common mistakes, a little bit of theory and what we should do instead with our increased knowledge.

Part 2 is a downloadable worksheet of practice examples to work through during Part 3 (audio recording) which then moves onto setting fabulous goals for YOU!  

In Part 4, you get a chance to create some goals (commitments) for yourself. Now that you have listened to the theory, the tips, and the techniques to avoid overwhelm, and completed some practice examples, it's your turn!

As part of the training, you get ongoing access to Jenn (via the private Facebook group) for assistance and accountability.  There is also the opportunity for a discounted 1:1 session with Jenn to help ensure your goals are achievable as well as some tips for staying on track.


This is perfect for you if you want to experience less overwhelm, stress and self-flagellation for not meeting, or even being able to set goals!

It will help you experience MORE productivity, and a greater sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in life!


(US$26, GB£19)

A Personal Message from Jenn...

  • You matter
  • You have a powerful voice that needs to be heard
  • You have unique gifts that can make the world a much better place
  • It's time to STOP dimming your light and shine bright!
  • It’s time to OWN your uniqueness, stand in your truth and not be afraid of what others think!
  • NO MORE making yourself smaller, less, quieter, simply to appease other people’s discomfort!
  • I want you to be LOUD, PROUD, OUT THERE, and owning how amazing and special you are!

Jenn has been using her Psychology degree to help people change their lives since 2008. She has trained people internationally and specialises in the field of brain science (presented in layman's terms) and applied psychology.

Helping women learn to stop dimming their light and own their uniqueness is a topic that is close to her heart. Here's why:

I believe that, when an HSP woman is allowing her light to be dimmed, and is making herself smaller, or different in order to fit in, usually what's at the heart of it, is a lack of self-worth. I LOVE helping women learn to truly value themselves and realise that they deserve more, and then showing them how to get it!

Hello to the strong, amazing woman reading this..

There are a few things that I would like you to know:

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