Tools to STOP taking things personally consists of 2 modules (with more to be added in the future at no extra cost).

The first module is a 1 x hour recorded training session where you will be taken through some theory, and some practice exercises that you can then work through in your own time.

The second module is about starting to apply the tools to real life examples. The third module (not released yet) will tackle when people are being deliberately mean or unkind.

The training includes ongoing access to me as your HSP-Extrovert Coach (and other participants) in an exclusive Facebook group to help you when you start applying the tools to real life situations.

After completing this short self-paced training, you will experience less hurt, angst, sleepless nights + the freedom to move on from the situation with it no longer bothering you!

It’s time to finally STOP taking things personally!


Approx. US$37, GB£27


(US$26, GB£19)

If you're STILL undecided, this is what the other

ladies had to say about the training session:

"I want to highly recommend Jenn's coaching session about how to stop taking things so personally. Jenn presented me with easy to remember, practical, simple steps to completely transform the way I was viewing a situation. The best bit was I didn’t need a cheat sheet to remember what I needed to do. I can now confidently apply these tools to any situation meaning that I am better able to take control of my reactions and stop taking things personally. Jenn's style is empathetic and relaxed, and she was so easy to talk to. The session was fun as well as useful. I will definitely be doing more of her sessions. Thank you Jenn! Total bargain - worth every penny!"

Carol El Hawary - Egypt

I'll chat to you more in the Stop taking things personally Facebook Group!

It's time to take back your power!

My favourite part of the training was the first video and hearing the dialogue between you and your client, discussing how to use the tools to not take things personally. It is powerful to hear it worked through rather then just reading about it. The examples were practical and I liked that we went through all of them. I had recent personal situations where I took things personally. This was good timing for me. It is so hard when you have a tender heart and want to please and be liked. Very easy to take things personally when you feel your happiness needs to come externally rather then within. Learning to love yourself internally and have confidence is so important. Learning not to take things personally is part of this process. I would like to do further training on how to deal with toxic people. When you are dealing with toxic people who are maladaptive in their behaviours, it makes it difficult not to take things personally especially as an HSP you pick up on that energy. Excellent mini training. Thank you so much.

Laura D, Ontario Canada

I especially like knowing I'm not alone with taking things SO personally. Sometimes things have been "aimed" at me, but I'll bet looking back, most of it wasn't about me and I took it that way anyway. I'm at the point now where I SEE when I begin to do that with a situation, I just need to find where my "pause" button is so I don't react so much. I think now that you have refreshed my memory on this topic to STOP before I say anything back and tell myself this may not even BE about me, I'll be able to handle myself better in the future. As you said Jenn, practice until it comes with ease!

Dianne H.

Loved it! I'm learning to either ask or even call the person out when I start taking things personally. But it's taken me a LOT of years. And I've dealt with a LOT of pain for not speaking up all the times I should have. Great training. Thank you for doing it.


Just this audio one alone has taught me how to not take in everything and be okay with it. Your accents are to die for!

Kate P.

A Personal Message from Jenn...

  • You matter
  • You have a powerful voice that needs to be heard
  • You have unique gifts that can make the world a much better place
  • It's time to STOP dimming your light and shine bright!
  • It’s time to OWN your uniqueness, stand in your truth and not be afraid of what others think!
  • NO MORE making yourself smaller, less, quieter, simply to appease other people’s discomfort!
  • I want you to be LOUD, PROUD, OUT THERE, and owning how amazing and special you are!

Jenn has been using her Psychology degree to help people change their lives since 2008. She has trained people internationally and specialises in the field of brain science (presented in layman's terms) and applied psychology.

Helping women learn to stop dimming their light and own their uniqueness is a topic that is close to her heart. Here's why:

I believe that when an HSP woman is allowing her light to be dimmed, and is making herself smaller, or different, in order to fit in, usually what's at the heart of it, is a lack of self-worth. I LOVE helping women learn to truly value themselves and realise that they deserve more, and then showing them how to get it!

Hello to the strong, amazing woman reading this..

There are a few things that I would like you to know:

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